Welcome to my virtual work space.  If you know me, you’ll know that I have spent the majority of my professional life behind (and in front of) a reference desk at a public library (PPL, SAH, LVL) eager to answer the next question that came my way, several years building virtual libraries (LV-CCLD) and a few years administering programs in Arizona (MCLD). Boy, have things changed! Just as libraries have changed, so has librarianship. One thing for me that hasn’t changed since I entered the field of public librarianship in 1990, is this feeling that now is a pivotal point in the future of libraries. (Great) Libraries continue to transform just as they always have and as they always will.

I started writing  when I began a column titled “Internet Spotlight” in the Rhode Island Library Bulletin which led to an article in the National Business Employment Weekly (the article was about how people can use the public library to help job hunt). When I saw my article in this national publication it encouraged me to continue writing. After that I was hooked on writing and getting published. Later in my library career,  I was able to write and publish two books for the library profession, Library Web Sites (ALA) and Pathfinders (Neal Schuman). During that time I was a contributing columnist for Public Libraries and authored  column titled ‘Tech Talk.’ I truly enjoy serving the library profession, learning from librarians, and writing about all of it.

I calculated I have spent approximately 31,200 hours at in the public library working (15 years– in three library systems)  and have recently joined the bloggers at Public Libraries Online. I invite you to join me there for some commenting, too.

In addition to public library experience, I have first-hand experience building small businesses into profitable ventures. I have experienced both failures and successes. I believe public libraries can be robust centers of economic development in their communities.

What I believe can make the world a better place: We can change the world in 20 years by promoting literacy to children and their parents. If every child born today–every child–grows up to be not only literate, but enjoys reading they will be much more successful in school and it will open doors in all areas of their lives. This must start with the parent during the preschool years.

Projects I have recently worked on include:
30 Seconds to Your Best Elevator Speech & Answers to Tough Library Questions
AZLA Conference, 2016
Libraries have transformed, yet many people still hold on to the old perception or childhood memories of how libraries once were. In addition, most people do not understand how libraries fit into this new networked world. It’s time we told our story with our own words! One-hour workshop.

Cluster classes built on Library Databases
Arizona State Library Workshop 2016
Wrote curriculum for 8 one-hour workshops that incorporated database subscriptions purchased by the State of Arizona. Offered those classes to public libraries around the state.

Libraries Transform, Re-Envisioning Public Libraries
Arizona State Library Workshop 2016

Facilitated seven all-day workshops utilizing the Aspen Institute’s Action Plan: Re-Envisioning Your Public Library

Network Like You Mean It: Make Lasting Connections in Your Community
AZLA Conference 2015

Leaving the comfort of the library never felt so good when you are equipped with all of the tips, tools, and techniques to make a lasting impression during your next networking or outreach event.

Speak Up! Find Your Library Voice: Delivering an Effective Speech (Without Freaking Out!)
AZLA Conference 2015

Speeches are an effective way to make connections, and librarians have lots to say! Effective speakers are trained, not born. Speak Up! Find Your Library Voice will provide you with the inspiration you need to prepare and  deliver an effective speech. For all library types.

Services to Small Businesses and Startups
Arizona State Library 2014

Seven Easy Steps to Supporting Small Business Start Ups & Entrepreneurs in Arizona
Informational Needs of the Small Business Owner

Services to Job Hunters and the Unemployed
Arizona State Library 2014
Created an online MOOC: Life After BTOP2, a four-week online class on creating a sustainable job-help program long after the funding ends.

Reading Gadget Labs
Arizona State Library 2014
Creating a workbooks for four main eReaders travelled the state training 350 librarians on eReaders.

Memberships and Volunteer Positions include:
Arizona Library Association (Marketing & Advocacy Committee)
Public Library Association
American Library Association

Vice President, 2016
Friends of the Glendale Public Library (Member 2013 – present)

Board Member, 2013-2016; Vice Chair, 2014-2015; Chair, 2015-2016
Library Advisory Board, City of Glendale

I am always looking for engaging and interesting projects to work on or programs to facilitate that include public libraries, the future of the public library, libraries transform, library marketing, changing the perception of public libraries, library advocacy, and library staff development.

Enough about me. Let’s talk about public libraries!