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Book Review: John Shaw’s Guide to Digital Nature Photography

Shaw's Guide to Digital Nature Photography
Shaw’s Guide to Digital Nature Photography

If you have ever tried taking a picture of a rainbow you will know that the photo is just never as good as real life. The lighting might be off or the composition all wrong. Shaw’s Guide to Digital Nature Photography is a  must-read for outdoor photographers, both beginners and advanced, who want that extra knowledge and strive to perfection when snapping pictures of our ever-changing nature.

Shaw’s Guide is a reference for anyone who wants to take better nature photographs. He covers all the technical anyone would expect and his vast experience coupled with his conversational approach makes this read a joy! He includes more technical aspects of photography for the intermediate and advanced readers yet beginners will not be lost. Shaw’s Guide has something for everyone.

Take, for example, chapter two, “Getting Started.” The first section is titles, “Working in Stops.”  Shaw writes that he all to often encounters students who are photographing on automatic settings ignoring the underlying photographic principles that are needed in order to get the best shot. With that, a call out box, details the mathematics behind F-stop settings.

Shaw’s Guide includes inspiring photos and as I thumb through the guide trying to find my favorite I would point to the Brown Bears, Alaska (p. 163) or the Giant Panda in Chine (p.93). But then again, I could go on and on because clearly Shaw is not only a master of the art, he is a teacher as well.

I would urge you to buy or borrow a copy of Shaw’s Guide and read it simultaneously with your camera’s user’s manual. As you read, have your camera handy to test out your new knowledge.  Snapping a picture of that perfect rainbow will no longer be out of reach.

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