November 25

Post AZLA 2015

Usually I try to write before I attend a conference, but this year time got away from me. I will tell you, though, that this year’s state library conference was one of the best I have attended in a long time. And I think, why was it so good? Programming, keynotes, venue? Well, I’d have to say, “Yes! All of that.”

This year’s conference was themed “Making Connections” and it was held in Flagstaff, AZ at Northern Arizona University. Our keynotes were Patrick Sweeney and Michael Stephens, names you should know very well. The conference center was incredible (lovely fireplace), the food was, I would say exquisite and plentiful. There was breakfast, drinks, coffee & tea with incredible dessert (did someone say cheesecake).

The programming choices were very varied–something for everyone, I would say. I gave my ‘Network Like You Mean It’ and my ‘Speak Up’ programs which fit in nicely with the conference theme. I attended a few very interesting programs myself. Mostly, I enjoyed meeting new friends and seeing old friends.

Librarians are quite a varied bunch – librarians from all types of libraries specializing in all sorts of different things and serving all types of different users.  Quite a fascinating and enlightening time!

October 21

PLA Blogging

Nothing more I enjoy than talking “library” shop, so if you are so inclined, hop onto the PLA Blog and comment on my most recent posts at PLA Online. I began blogging for PLA Online this summer, and so, if you know me you would know I love writing, but blogging is even better. Why? Because readers have an opportunity to post and that is the best part– having a conversation with the readers. I especially like it when you agree with me, just saying! Seriously, chime in because it helps me to learn and understand more about what’s really going on in the great big world of public libraries.