September 6

Book Reviews: Never Eat Alone and Brick by Brick

Never eat alone

Brick by Brick

I just posted my latest review, Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi, on my web site and at Blogging for Books, a program I joined a few months ago which allows me to get free books in exchange for honest reviews. Of course, I can never read them fast enough and I always feel obligated to write a thorough, mindful review of each book I request. Here’s my review for Never Eat Alone and Brick by Brick. I’m looking forward to getting my newest book What Color Is Your Parachute? 2015 by Richard N. Bolles very soon. I wonder just how it differs from the last time I read it about ’em, twenty or so years ago. Ciao for now and if you have a business book you would like me to review for you let me know!

June 25

7 “Don’t Panic” Ways to Prep for #ALAAC2014

Short and sweet: You can do almost all of these in the airport or on the drive in. You don’t have much time, though, so here they are:

  1. Start drinking water now.
  2. Use the ALA Conference Scheduler or Get the Mobile App
  3. Brush up on your Twitter Lingo
  4. Follow #alaac2104 to see what’s trending and add to the conversation
  5. Bring business cards.
  6. Drink more water!
  7. Follow me on Twitter for Exhibit Tweets
June 23

Libraries are changing everywhere

I like asking people when was the last time they visited the library. The answers vary from “I was there yesterday” to “I don’t have kids, why would I go to the library?” The perception people have about the public library is so diverse and seems to be based on 1) their last visit, 2) what library they visited as a child, 3) whether or not they studied in a library at a university, or 4) what they think they know about libraries – based on perceptions only. Sadly, service varies greatly depending on local funding and staffing. Regardless of the disparities, libraries are changing faster than the public perception of them. Take, for example, the creative spaces libraries offer their community.

If you’re interested in how libraries are evolving then you must read Breaking out of the Library Mold in Boston and Beyond (NY Times, 03/07/14).

“This is what’s happening at a lot of libraries, the creation of an open, physical  environment,” said Joe Murphy, a librarian and library futures consultant based in Reno, Nev. “The idea of being inviting isn’t just to boost attendance but to maximize people’s creativity.”

So, don’t hesitate to ask the next person you see, “So when was the last time you visited the public library?” You’ll probably get a funny look and then sit back and listen to their story. It will give you a unique, first-hand knowledge of the types of misconceptions about libraries, what they have to offer, and who uses them. But don’t be surprised when someone says, “I was there yesterday. I love my Library!”

May 22

AZLA Newsletter – May/June 2014

This month’s AZLA Newsletter is sure not to disappoint. The new SRP app developed by Maricopa County will have you reading all summer long. In fact, I can’t wait to sign up! Ann Boles, AZLA’s president and fearless leader, sets the state for statewide priorities including a statewide branding and marketing campaign, early learning as a priority, and statewide library cards with access to shared resources. I like that, alot! There’s much more, so dive in and learn what’s happening in Arizona’s wonderful libraries.