January 5

Library Professional Development Opps

With the busy schedule I keep, I finally began using Google’s Calendar. I use the app and sometimes I also login on the web. There’s lots of great features and I especially like pulling in other Google calendars through feeds. That way I can pull in my personal, business and professional events into one place. Now, what type of events calendar would Indie Librarian publish? Well, I’m still working on that, but I did find a handy plug-in that helps me manage my business and professional events and it’s called The Events Calendar. I’m posting major library events (like conferences) and also any online webinars and webcasts that I find interesting as well as local professional development and training. As an Indie, I am solely responsible for keeping up with the profession. As a library consultant I need to use my crystal ball to not only keep up with what’s happening in libraries, but how to spot trends that will affect our profession and the future of public libraries. So, comments are open, please do let me know what other events are out there.

January 3

Give me news or give me Zinio. Something to read, please

I’m a news junkie. There, I said it. I need my news and especially from the library and the business fields. You see, these are the two areas in which I work/live/breathe. I find them both interesting and challenging and, fun. So, when I thought about putting my virtual desktop together I knew I would have to create a newsfeed so I can jump online and read. I didn’t want to read the news through my email nor use a separate cloud-based solution. I didn’t want to have a device-dependent means of getting my news either. I just wanted to jump on my site and read, and perhaps comment (which I cannot do well on my iphone). So, I thought RSS feeds into my site would work well. Hey, if there’s a better way, do tell. So, I needed to ensure my RSS feeds coming in didn’t get mixed in with my posts. I wanted my posts on the home page and the RSS feeds on a different page altogether. So, I chose the plugin ‘RSS Multi Importer’ which has proved easy to use, but I am finding it a bit slow to load.

January 2

Powered by WordPress

I chose WordPress for www.IndieLibrarian.com because I absolutely love WordPress. A long, long time ago I wrote web pages in HTML in notepad, then Dreamweaver and then … things got really complicated. I stopped alltogether because I could not program (like PHP, CSS) and became frustrated with web page editors so I began using WordPress. I created lots of quick web pages and sites using WordPress. Once I even created a customized site with 99Designs and their coders. That was a fun and interesting project. I am still updating that web site, but I find challenges when I want to change the structure because it is customized–always afraid I will break it (remember to back up your site first). So, I’m a big fan of generic templates found in WordPress themes. But, the most fun I have, by far, is exploring all of the available plug-ins. Coding and custom development is rarely needed with the variety of plug-ins available–many are free or low cost. So, here it is, my test-ground WordPress site. I will continue to keep you posted on how I am putting it together with all of its bells and whistles. And I will be sure to do my back-ups before I make any major changes.

January 1

Welcome to Indie Librarian

Hi. This is my virtual workspace where I bring to you the life of an independent (“indie”) librarian. What is an Indie Librarian? Indie, independent, freelancer, part-timer, contract worker, project manager, grant position, self-employed, or unemployed—-would probably be all suit me well, depending on your perspective and my current situation. If you know me, you’ll know that I have spent the majority of my professional life behind a reference desk at a public library (PPL, SAH, LVL) eager to answer the next question that came my way, several years building virtual libraries (LV-CCLD) (when we were all figuring out what that actually meant), and a few years administering programs and projects in my favorite state, Arizona (MCLD) (sorry Little Rhody–you’re good for summers). During that time I was able to write–and publish my work (Library Web Sites, Pathfinders, and more) Enough about me. Let’s talk about www.IndieLibrarian.com…