March 29

Connect with Your Community

I recently posted “Five Ways to Connect with your Community” at the Public Libraries Online blog. But for some libraries, especially in small and rural libraries, staffing the public service desk is the priority and patrons, well, they need your help! Leaving the library may not be an option for everyone.

So, I looked at my post again from the perspective of a small library. Can you still do outreach and not leave the building? Can you really get involved in your community without stepping outside your four walls? Yes, to a certain degree, if can do these things:

  1. Work the phone
  2. Update your social media & make connections
  3. Write well – and get published in community blogs & local newspapers
  4. Work the phone some more…
  5. Invite community members to meet with you in the library (for a tour or meeting)
  6. Read city or town meeting notes and involve the library where appropriate

There are many ways to connect without every leaving your library. Making a community impact is not impossible in a small library- it just takes some time and ingenuity. If  you have had to think of creative ways provide outreach let me know!